Hi moshi, thanks for viewing my story. Judging from the source code (https://github.com/9oelM/elasticpwn/blob/main/core/util/http.go#L53), it should be duly possible. Also, even if you prepend http:// for all urls, elasticpwn should be smart enough to figure out which ones should be https by looking at the error from the server, and send a request with https again (supposedly if there's no bug). So yeah, the answer is yes. You can make the list like this and it should handle things properly:

Yes, Chrome’s performance tab is overwhelming

First time you look into all the charts, you have no idea what means what. What do those different colors even mean? It’s not self-explanatory at all. There needs to be a guidebook.

In this article,

  1. I will briefly walk you through all functionalities of Chrome’s performance tab, with majority…

Just a random image like everyone else does (credit: Genessa Panainte from unsplash)

I was struggling at my company trying to write some tests for redux-observable operations. Most of the network requests were managed by RxJS, and none of them were covered by tests. I wanted to write tests but just did not know how to.

But I really just wanted to start…

Joel Mun

Code/Security stuffs, mostly related to React, Typescript, and Node, GoLang, Wasm. https://9oelm.github.io.

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